E-volunteering is a volunteer work conducted via the Internet. We include activities completed at home and delivered to Volunteer Now or organisations. Check our our blog for recipes and patterns that are required by organisations we support.

It is often called also virtual volunteering, cyber volunteering, digital volunteering, online volunteering, but it always refers to work where an online system (accessed through a computer, a mobile device, etc.)

If you’re not familiar with e-volunteerism, also referred to as virtual volunteering or online volunteering, it consists of a variety of ways to volunteer remotely. Instead of having to show up in person and volunteer at an actual physical location, you can enjoy the convenience of volunteering from home.

Community organization or Community Based Organization refers to organizing aimed at making desired improvements to a community’s social health, well-being, and overall functioning. Community organization occurs in geographically, psychosocially, culturally, spiritually, and digitally bounded communities.

This page explains all the Community based Volunteer Opportunities offered by subscribed organisations. If you would like to offer volunteering opportunities please complete the Contact Uspage on our Home Page or email us on info@volunteernow.co.za 

Our current participants include: