Dignity Dreams Washable Pads


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A Dignity Dreams Washable Pads Pack NO Panties includes:

  • 1 x Box
  • 6 x Washable Sanitary Pads (3 day and 3 night)
  • Instruction sheet included on the box

One single washable Dignity Dreams washable Pads is an equivalent of 144 disposable pads if you use our pad 3 time during your cycle over a 48 month period.

Dignity Dreams Washable Pads Pack are washable pads and are the ultimate sustainable solution to a monthly challenge. If you are GREEN and love your environment then this is the pad for you. It is comfy and easy to maintain. Simply wash in COLD water, rub with ‘Sunlight’ Soap, let it stand for 10 min and then rub and wash clean. For the final rinse use salt water that acts as an anti bacterial and softener. Whenever possible dry in the sun as an additional anti bacterial.

You can purchase any combination of pads. Single or otherwise.

One complete pack will ensure that one girl’s menstruation needs are taken care of monthly for no less than 4 years. – That is less than R5.00 a month for a period of 4 years!


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