Why is Kindness Important?

Why Is Kindness Important?

One would think that the answer would be obvious but spend just one hour in Johannesburg traffic and you will begin to wonder if anyone has even heard the word.

I often wonder when kindness went out of fashion, and I’m convinced it started with the TV show called ‘The weakest Link’. The host was horrible to contestants, and we all thought it was funny. It gave us permission to start treating people like dirt and made cruelty uber cool.

We need to get back to kindness and that is what Volunteer Now is all about. Let’s make a difference with one act of kindness at a time. Volunteering forms part of that act.

Volunteer Now

If you’re and adult with children, it is important to talk about kindness with your kids.


In this day and age of instant online feedback, FOMO, constantly measuring against others, and nonstop bullying, it doesn’t hurt to spend some time on topics like kindness and gratitude during your conversations.

While we’re at it – let’s bring back conversations and dinner around a table. I watch children in restaurants and am constantly appalled by their table manners.

Kindness isn’t just important for others; it actually has benefits for the person doing the acts of kindness!

Did you know that helping others (volunteering) can actually make your child (and you!) happier and improve self-esteem? It impacts the pharmacy you carry around in your body.

There are at least 14 Health Benefits from Acts of Kindness. Read what they are by clicking on the link.

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