Basic Knitted Baby Beanie.

Basic Knitted Baby Hat!


  • Babies’ heads vary widely in size, but I think these beanies will generally fit a baby up to 6-9 mos old (as I’ve seen with my friends’ children) since it has the capability to stretch.
  • If you would like to make this hat larger, try adding more stitches to the initial cast on and add more rounds to add more height.
  • For a seamless join at the very beginning, cast on an extra stitch (i.e. 33 stitches in this design). Slip the first stitch purlwise onto the working needle. Take the extra stitch that was made (now second stitch on the working needle) and slip it over the slip stitch (now the first stitch on the working needle). Pull yarn tail and working yarn tightly and add stitch marker. Continue with pattern. This technique is demonstrated in this video HERE.  You do not need to cast on any extra stitches in subsequent rounds.


  • 9 mm (size 13) 16″ circular knitting needles
  • Super bulky (level 6); uses approximately 54 grams, so one skein will make 2-3 hats (depending on which colour way you use).
  • Stitch Marker
  • Pom Pom Maker

k – knit
p – purl
st – stitch
st st – stocking stitch
k2tog – knit 2 together


Using long tail cast on (need ~45″ tail for the cast-on), cast on 32 stitches.

  1. R1-5: *K1, P1* around. (32 sts)
  2. R6-21: Knit around. (32 sts)
  3. R22: *K2, K2tog*, rep around. (24 sts)
  4. R23: *K2tog*, rep around. (12 sts)
  5. R24: *K2tog* across. (6 sts)

Cut yarn and thread tail through last sts.  Pull tight, tie knot and hide end.

Make pom pom (either one larger pom pom or two smaller pom poms) and add to hat.

Finished dimensions:6.25″ tall, 13″ circumference, about 6″ wide.

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